Frameless Glass, Aluminum / Glass mixed, and Metal Works Services in British Columbia

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Products & Services

Products & Services

Frameless Glass, Aluminum / Glass mixed, and Metal Works Services in British Columbia

Glass Works

Due to its transparency, delicacy and beauty, glass can be used in interior architectural elements and give more beauty to your living space and environment.

Staircase railing
Frameless railing
Topless railing
Framed railing
Shower Door & Enclosure
Wine Cellar
Telescoping & Sliding Door
Framed Privacy Panel
Back Painted
Lighted Glass railing
Wired Safety Glass

Aluminum Works

Due to its strength and lightness, aluminum products can last a long time against moisture and are used as one of the most suitable and affordable materials in the construction industry.

Fence & Gate
Motorized Driveway Gate
Picket Railing
Stair Structure
Privacy Screen
Window Well
Aluminum Custom Works

Metal Works

The high resistance of steel and its products, especially in the construction industry, allows us to use it as structural elements such as beams, columns and staircase structures.

Stair Structure
Metal Railing
Stainless Steel Handrail
Metal Custom Work
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