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We have more than 25 years of experience and knowledge in engineering and construction fields like architectural design, engineering, construction, finishing works, and commissioning of commercial, residential, and service buildings and we’re proud to announce that we are getting started at NetGlass activity in British Columbia from 2017. NetGlass offers frameless glass, aluminum, and metal works services for residential and commercial building projects. We provide the best design, fabrication, and services at an affordable price and in the shortest time for our customers. NetGlass’s staff have been experienced and trained in installation, fabrication, engineering, and marketing departments.

We are trying to attract customers’ satisfaction with Safety and Building Code requirements. We believe that you’ll be satisfied with our products and you will be the best advertiser for NetGlass.

You can contact the NetGlass office to give an appointment for a verbal explanation and free estimation or consultation by our specialist today.
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Frameless Glass, Aluminum / Glass mixed, and Metal Works Services in British Columbia —Frameless Glass, Aluminum / Glass mixed, and Metal Works Services in British Columbia —

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